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Monday, 25 February 2013

Crickhowell snow 26th Jan 2013

Finally the roads cleared enough to get to Wales. It was lovely to see my favorite snow capped hills on the drive there.



Emma was in a grump and had decided her boots didn't fit her very well so we had stormy route up the intial slog. It was hot in the sun so all layers came off after not long.

The snow was starting to melt so it was slushy and exhausting to slog through

Emma heading up Table Mountain

It was a bit brrr on the top so we didn't stop for a summit photo on Table Mountain, All layers were soon back on

Chilly on Pen Cerrig Calch

Even colder on Pen Allt Mawr

Our way down and onto Pen Twyn Glas, I love looking down this nose

Sun came out as we headed back down so we had fun sledging and building a snowman,, it didn't last for long..

Another great day in the Welsh hills. Despite it being freezing up top Emma didn't very well and didn't complain about the cold at all. Finally we have got the cold weather clothing right!

More Mendip snow - Jan 13 - Stockhill

There was yet more snow later in January, again it was touch and go if we could get to our start point, but we'd chosen well and it was fine. More snow had fallen so in most places we were walking in virgin snow.

Our walk started by leaving the woods to cross some fields. The snow was soft and deep, very tiring. Breaking trail across the fields took ages and it was a relief to meet Durston Drove.

Car park

We walked to Ebor Gorge

There wasn't so much snow lower down

Some of the roads higher up were pretty icy. We didn't drive on this one but watched lots of people struggling as we were out walking

We had a stop in the Hunters pub for a warm by the fire and a snack. We were soon back in the woods for a snowball fight or two and a wander before we headed some.

Snowball fight loser!

It was an awesome day of fresh snow, we were very lucky as there was a big thaw the following day and all the snow melted. How lucky with to see Narnia for a short while.

Monchrome Mendip

We returned to the Mendips to enjoy some more snow the following day.

The robins were very pleased that we were uncovering worms for them and followed us for ages eating whatever our footsteps uncovered..

We started our walk by scrambling up the brook which was quite icy and slippery. We had to give our friend Dan a hand at the top of one when he lost his footing. I got a few boot falls of water helping Emma up it!

We went up onto Blackdown and did a route taking in Rowberrow woods and Dolebury Warren Hill Fort and came back via the various cave entrances to end our walk with cake and chips in the cafe.

A very snowy Reeds cavern

Charterhouse Cave Jan 2013

The day after the snow we were due to go to Charterhouse Cave, we weren't sure if we'd make it but luckily the local farmers had done a very good job clearing the snow.  It was a fantastic trip. We had concerns if we'd all make it through the tight bits but it went without a hitch.

Mud splatter

Caver angels!

Local snow - Jan 13

The weather was forecasting local snow and blizzards in Bristol. Like an excited kid I parted the curtains at 4am to check the situation. There was no snow though :( I didn't expect much when I woke up at 6.30am to a text on my phone. The next said the school was closed and I pulled back the curtains to see a winter wonderland, hooray!

We got up and dressed quickly and met out friend Steve for a walk in Stoke Park.

My garden

School closed!

Trains on the go slow

Not many people were in the woods as early as us, no footprints on the paths we chose

It was a bit of a blizzard in the park


Killer hill

Duchess pond looking very frozen

Frozen Snuff Mills

We had fun shaking trees

Snowman at Mum and Dads

Was lovely to be treated to a day of winter wonderland