Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Meall a Bhuirdh from Glencoe Ski Centre - Day 5 - Invercoe

Another brilliant weather forecast was on the cards so we decided to head to Meall a Bhuirdh which is used as a venue for skiing. We were a bit worried that we might have an issue with parking due to the weather being fine. Despite our late start we didn't have an issue finding a space, and were especially pleased that we didn't have to pay for it.

The path up essentially follows the ski tows and is fairly well marked from the parking area. The path in places is quite well trod and is starting to crumble in places. It was a steep start and we looked enviously at the chair lift occupants as they zipped past. I'm not a fan of chairlifts so had to placate myself with the fact I'd have really struggled with it!

Once we had finished following the ski tows we picked up a track which leads into the Corrie, from there is was a case of finding a safe way through the boggy ground avoiding the skiing areas to reach the shoulder of the mountain which would be our ascent route. There was a lot less snow that we had expected and we were already regretting packing all the heavy winter gear wishing we had gone for a harder snowier route! The views were so good of the surrounding hills the regret didn't last for long.

Despite the warm weather the snow slopes higher up were still frozen and ice, so we decided to put on our crampons. Emma enjoyed a second try of hers, and we roped her up just to be super safe. It was great fun and we disappointed when we reached the rockier pull to the top where the snow had all melted. The Munro's highest point is reached first, we had a short rest then wandered across the top to watch people ski-ing and to find a sheltered spot for our dinner.

The standard route on from the top is continue to Creise, but it looked intimidating and I was enjoying the easy lazy day, so it was back down to find somewhere to enjoy a swift half in the sunshine. We also wanted to get some fresh seafood from the shop on the shore of Loch Leven so weren't wanting to miss it's opening hours.

As we headed down we enjoyed some sledging again (It has to be done!) and reversed our 'winter ascent' putting our crampons back on for the steeper snow slope.

We all felt the pain descending the ski tow path, and poles certainly helped on the deteriorating path.

Our swift half (and chips) was enjoyed in the garden of the Kings House Hotel where we could take in more of the lovely views. Emma enjoyed being able to watch the deer and rushed over to help one of the chefs feed them scraps. Even the birds were getting in on the action hovering under our table to hoover up the crumbs.

Credit to my daughter for the Deer photos.. see if you can caption the first one!

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